Lauras Delights

Meet Laura




My name is Laura, the face of the Laura’s Delights Brand.

I am a Gift from God to my Generation. I am Strong, I am Bold, I am Brilliant, I am Beautiful. I choose to call myself Blessed and I am Blessed beyond measure on every side.

I am Passionate about Family, Good Food and Home Management. I am a Wife and a Mum of Three Blessed Children.

I am a Good Cook, I am an Amazing Baker, I enjoy creating yummy delights by bringing different ingredients together.

I am Super-grateful to the Almighty for these gifts and I am very proud of who I am. I have found my Purpose and by God’s Grace, I am fulfilling it 🙏🏽

I have a Dream that One Day Laura’s Delights will become a Household name all around the World 🙏🏽

I solicit for your support to make this Dream a Reality.

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